Monday, April 21, 2008

"BOSH support in Gajim" proposal accepted for GSoC 08

Today about half an hour after 10 PM Finnish time, I found out my GSoC proposal was accepted by XMPP Standards Foundation. BOSH is a method for tunneling XMPP via HTTP. It's a feature I was missing in Gajim during my last job in summer year ago where all outgoing application traffic was blocked except for HTTP/S. It's nice to know it's gonna be there and it's even more nice to be on the way to implement it myself. Joy was replaced by confusion when I saw 200+ new messages from gsoc-student mailing list next morning (and I haven't been even subscribed to xmpp lists yet). Real avalanche :)
Anyway, it's cool to see I'm not the only one dealing with BOSH this year - there's Safa Sofuoğlu improving BOSH support in Openfire, one of server implementations I'd like to test against.
It's kinda weird feeling to have the whole summer milestoned in the middle of April, especially when there's still some snow outside :). Enjoy cliché photo of late April Finland nature (Koli National Park).